Cellulite and sleep!

I was watching television this morning when a GP commented on something (cellulite, I think it was) that if there was a ‘miracle cure’, the market wouldn’t be flooded with hundreds and hundreds of products. Hmmmm…..

A bit of a strange analogy you might think, but it just made me think about these books that offer the remedy to getting your baby to sleep. There are certainly some great resources out there and for sure, certain things work for certain bubbas. It’s just a  shame that they don’t offer money back guarantees if they fail to get the job done!!!!


3 Responses to Cellulite and sleep!

  1. amberjee says:

    I really do think there’s no one right way (and no wrong way) and babies are so individual. You can baby whisper one, co-sleep another, content baby another, no cry sleep one, do it your own way, or even do nothing. Different methods for different bubs. Now if only our babies could tell us which method they would accept for sleeping …

  2. tamdin says:

    You’re right tibs. If the answer was straigtforward there wouldn’t be so many books on how to get your baby to sleep and SWCBN wouldn’t own a ranch sized house in scotland!

  3. tibsy says:

    I know, thats why I love the idea of this blog and the siftw thread. We can give a synopsis of most (if not all) of the stuff out there and pass it on…..and it’s free!!!!!!!
    Even better was if our bubbas came with personalised instruction manuals….but then again where would be the fun in that?!!

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