Self doubt?

So today didn’t start too well. My darling boy woke in a bad mood and so did his mother! Last night was no worse or better than recent nights but for some reason today I was riddled with self doubt and insecurity.

Am I failing my little boy because I won’t/can’t leave him to cry it out at night? Is it wrong that his cot is still in our room and that he spends half his night wedged in between his mamma and pappa? Is it wrong that he spends most of his day with me rather than going to nursery? And so the list goes on……

Following on from ginger’s post I firmly believe that I would not feel this level of self doubt if I had not read so many baby ‘guru’ books while I was pregnant. I do trust my instincts and I do put my son’s needs above my own but on some days at the back of my mind is that niggling doubt of ‘but the book says…..’

The best thing I ever did was put all my baby books in a box and put them away. It stops the temptation to re-read sections if you’re having a self doubt day (SDD) as I call them and rely wholey on what feels right and what your child needs.

Now if only he would need a full night’s sleep we’d all be happy….ha! 



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