Progress – of a sort

So this weekend I left Loudboy in sole charge of his father while I was away at a conference.  Hurrah, no night wakings for me!  I didn’t account for the delegate who decided to run around his room turning the taps on at 4am but that’s another story.

So I get back to find that Loudboy had woken twice (as opposed to his usual pattern of 4-6 times), had only fed once and was still asleep when I phoned at 9am.  Aha, thought I, time to hand over nighttime duties.  Tried last night, but LB cannily refused to be comforted by his dad while I was in the room (he must be part-bloodhound as it was pitch black).  Still, he managed to sleep for 3 or 4 hours at a stretch, which is technically known in the Swizzler household as a bl**dy miracle.  We do have to declare a large dose of Medised before bed as he’s teething (honest!).

 My husband has thoughfully suggested that I move out for the time being, but I’ve decided to try a compromise solution where he deals with wakings before we go to bed (the cot is still in our room).  We shall see if it has a long-term effect…


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