Extending a nap is easier said than done

I read all the books, I thought I had this parenting milarky sown up before baby ninja had even arrived. Ohhhh how wrong I was. On so many things but the nap thing threw me. My control freakiness didn’t like the fact that I didn’t have a handle on it and it really was the straw that almost broke the new mothers back.

Baby ninja has always been a hardened 30 minute napper. Always. You could set your watch by her. It fascinated me that she new exactly to the second when 30 minutes were up. Anyway, once the novelty had worn off I decided that I needed to extend these naps as that’s what you’re supposed to do according to the books right? So there are a number of methods, leave them to cry, pat them and shushing, rouse them (!) just before they’re due to wake and therefore break the cycle. Well, the list goes on doesn’t it? Let me tell you. Nothing worked for us. Well certainly nothing long term. Just when you thought you’d mastered it. A giant baby sized spanner would be thrown into the works. Nothing, nought, nada. Well, actually the only thing that helped would be for me to lounge with her on my lap and watch telly. It meant I couldn’t do anything but it gave her the sleep she needed and made me sit and watch nonsense on the telly.

Mysteriously, at about 8 months she started napping longer on her own. Nothing had changed, she just did. From what other people have said the same happened to them too. So there you go. It will get better!


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