Chops and naps

This is my first post on SIFTW, and my first attempt to make the nipper (delightful, and very active, but not very sleepy boy, 4.5 months, aka Chops) go more than 90 minutes without a nap. For the last x months he has had 4/5 30 or 45-min naps a day, separated by 1.5 hours of awake time, and that’s worked fine (even if some days I’ve spent half the blimmin’ day getting him down for a nap). But the last few days it just hasn’t been working and we’ve had tears and tantrums before naptime. Not what I want to be dealing with 4 times a day.

So today we are trying a new regime… just 3 naps a day, spaced out as much as he can manage. This morning he woke at 7, went down at 9 with five minutes’ grizzling for 45 mins, then I put him down at 11.45 as he looked too tired to go any longer. He looked so relieved and went to sleep in seconds. Then a load of binmen turned up outside and started chucking around recycling crates full of glass etc. Cue woken baby. Luckily I managed to shush him back off, and he’s still asleep 25 mins later, so here’s hoping the new routine works.


One Response to Chops and naps

  1. swizzler says:

    Good luck for the naps – hsan’t really helped our nights so far, but it makes the days much more bearable.

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