Do you like my feet?

Another mixed night in the tamdin household. Going to bed isn’t a problem, most nights it takes no longer than 10 minutes, it’s the staying asleep that our gorgeous boy has an aversion to!

 Last night he was a peaceful little angel in his cot until 12am when lo and behold the old milk sign presented itself once again. 5oz later and he’s back snoring his head off. Only problem being he had gotten himself very comfortable with his head snuggled in against my very patient husband’s back and his feet in my face!

 After an hour of being pummelled which resulted in a large scratch across my forehead (and let me tell you he’s getting his toe nails cut today whether he likes it or not!) I’d had enough and plonked him back in his cot. Surprisingly he slept there until 4 when he wanted more milk and then he did the last stint until 7 in our bed.  

Can’t decide if it was a good or bad night?

Anyway I’m off to find the nail scissors………


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