Baby sign…Doh!

I wasn’t sure whether this post belonged in ‘Night feeding’ or ‘Night waking’ but considering my little monkey drank 10oz of milk in 2 hours you can see why we ended up here!

Around 12 months ago I decided in my infinite wisdom that I was going to teach my precious boy baby sign language. Nothing too adventurous just a few basic signs to help him communicate. He very quickly mastered ‘please’ as it usually resulted in a treat,  soon after came ‘milk’ and so the library of hand gestures grew ( ‘sorry’ has proven to be extremely valuable as toddlerdom set in!)

Well last night I had a moment when I was woken by my boy signing for milk for the second time in 2 hours that I wished I’d never started the whole thing!

Surely he didn’t want or need any more milk? Especially as when I say woken what that actually means is having a 17 month old little boy lying across your face, shouting ‘hiya’ and gesticulating wildly in the manner of milking a cow!

Now I know the ‘experts’ out there will tell me that he’s ‘conning’ me and is using milk as a crutch to go back to sleep but do you know what?.. at 2am in the morning who cares why he wants it! The bottom line is he does and if he gets it he will go straight back to sleep.

You can guess the route we took!


One Response to Baby sign…Doh!

  1. amberjee says:

    The image of your LO saying hiya and making a milking the cow motion has me giggling!

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