Could this be the start of night-weaning?

The last month has seen dramatic improvement in the sleeping habits of our little Imp. He has just hit 6 months. I didn’t expect to be able to stop feeding him at night, but he seems to be leading the way. He’d cut down to one feed at night and then maybe one in the early morning, around 5 or 6am.  Last night he woke at 2.30am, and I was a bit slow to get out of bed. The Imp was just chatting away to himself and by the time I was energized enough to go and feed him, he was back asleep until 6am. My tired brain thanked him for it, but my uncomfortable boobs were not so impressed with the development.

Like Tibsy, I’m currently a subscriber to the feed to sleep method. I spent some time putting him in bed awake and encouraging self settling etc, and he got quite good at it, but the nights were never any better. Now because the Imp is so distracted in the day, the only way he gets a proper feed is if I feed him off to naps and bedtime, so here we are again. Feeding to sleep 8 times out of 10. But no problem, we may be all starting to get some sleep!


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