Buddha bubba, YOU CAN SLEEP!

So, back into the Gradual Retreat Method, and I’ve already failed abysmally by ‘letting’ bb fall asleep whilst feeding! To top it off, I then gently rock her whilst winding and place her gently into her cot ‘without’ waking her up. This is definitely not what is recommended, oooops!

Must have done something right tho as she managed to sleep right through!! 7.15pm until 5.45am, yey!!!! It doesnt happen very often, but when it does, whoo hoo!!!

The previous night saw me waking bb up to ensure she was ‘aware of her surroundings’ when she fell asleep, ie. in the cot.  She obviously didn’t think much of that theory as she woke every hour or two until I brought her into bed with us.

I know which method I’ll be using tonight!!


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