You’ll have heard it already: better daytime sleep equals better nighttime sleep. Hah. Both are difficult for Loudboy, he hates going to sleep at any time of the day. Naps are much better now but has it affected night wakings? Oh no.

LB used to nap in his pram or pushchair because that was the only place he would go to sleep during the day. He had to be outside and on the move. Go into a shop, or stop pushing the pram and he would wake up. This is a great way to lose the baby weight. Unfortunately, you also lose any semblance of a life because you are out in the park walking for 2-3 hours a day.

After about 8 months, LB decided walks were far too interesting for sleep so we had another go and getting him in his cot. This time it worked – we have a short naptime routine (shut curtains, feed, book, cot) then jiggle the cot until he falls asleep. He will now sleep for about an hour twice a day and I can have a bath in peace (and do some housework, bah). Next step: lose the jiggling.


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